professional third wheeler

i'm always ready to go on my next adventure & capture the best love stories.

I'm a lover of Jesus, serving others, and capturing moments.  For as long as I can remember, I've had an obsession with documenting life's moments, just in case I want to look back on them later. (My google photos storage can attest to this.) I'm a sucker for a nostalgic moment, which is probably why my love for Taylor Swift runs deep!

you can call me mace. I'm a chai aficionado, bookworm, and lover of all things adventure.

I like to call myself a fun-loving, chatty friend to all. There is nothing more important to me than loving and serving people the way Jesus would. I’m obsessed with listening to Taylor Swift, reading, and quality time with my little sister. I’d rather be out in the world than playing it safe. I frequently take spontaneous trips and eat as much queso as I can. My best friends would tell you I’m a busy bee and the most talkative of the bunch. When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I'm typically holding a phone to check in on the gram. 

Most days you can find me spending time with people i love. I’m a friend, sister, daughter, and storyteller with a camera in hand. my goal is always to spot genuine and authentic moments.

i love showing up for people and reminding them how joyful life can be

8. i'm always down to travel!

7. i will absolutely cry with you

6. i want your session to feel like a fun date

5. i'm not afraid to be silly

4. i'll do literally anything to get the shot

3. i'm a hopeless romantic

2. i want to serve the way jesus would

1. i find joy in all the small moments

lets cut to the chase, lemme tell you why i'm different

galveston, tx

cabo san lucas

paris, France

colorado springs


las vegas, nv

I've loved adventuring for as long as I can remember and I'm constantly planning a new trip. My dream is to eventually travel to every continent! Getting married in a beautiful place allows your guests to have an elevated experience and vacation in one!

Here are some dreamy places that i've photographed lovers in!

Chloe araya

"Macy is my all time favorite photographer!!!  I’ve had her take pictures for me a couple times already and will only ever go to her for pictures from now on. She’s great at what she does and can shoot tons of quality photos in an unbelievably short amount of time. No one compares to Macy’s genuine personality, passion, and quality of artwork! Normally I’d feel uneasy while taking pictures, but Macy knows how to work the magic needed for the client to feel comfortable AND look GOOD! 

"no one compares to Macy’s genuine personality, passion, and quality of artwork!"

Karina rodriguez

"Macy has such a great eye on capturing the perfect pictures. Everything from location spots & poses she is spectacular. Communicating with her along with photo turn around time is also so easy & quick. I highly recommend Macy!!"

"Macy has such a great eye on capturing the perfect pictures."

Justine cornwell

"Macy did my wedding photos and they are so stunning!! I could not recommend her enough! She is fun, creative, and passionate about her work. She get's all of the best shots! We have used her for our wedding, my Bridals, Christmas photos, and couples photos. She is the best!! If you're looking for quality at a great price - look no further!!”

"macy is fun, creative, and passionate about her work!"